Spam Museum

1101 North Main Street

When the first blue and yellow cans came off the production line in 1937, the world was forever changed. No one would have guessed back then, but the revolutionary new product became a war hero, a pop culture icon and an American institution.

Over the years, the SPAM® Family of Products has made itself known around the world, winning over the hearts of soldiers, world leaders, chefs, kids and parents alike. In fact, Gracie Allen, Dwight Eisenhower, Margaret Thatcher and Monty Python all have sung praises of the SPAM® Brand.

From the first can to the seven billionth, SPAM® products have remained a versatile, high-quality and great-tasting meal-time favorite. They have also changed to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. The SPAM® Family of Products appeals to the varied tastes and lifestyles of people around the world.


Cici Wigtil

Monday, Nov. 6, 2017

It was still interesting enough for a free museum, but I was very disappointed in the new location. The old museum had a lot of fun things the new one left out entirely. Hardly any old Spam commercials to watch with fun jingles anymore (didn't once get to hear "Many cans of meat, but there's only one Spam! Wonderful to eat, taste the pork and taste the ham!" on this visit). The awesome quiz show room from the old museum has been replaced with a couple trivia questions on a tablet in the lobby. And what happened to the little movie theater with the pig snout doors? Watching the goofy spam video with the guy with all the Spam shirts and the congressman who loves Spam was always one of the highlights of my visit!

Adam Baskin

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017

I personally love SPAM, so my experience was magical. If you are ever in town, then you should check it out! Admission is free for everyone, so I recommend checking out the gift shop for all your SPAM merchandise. I own a SPAM shirt myself, and it's my favorite shirt! Definitely give it a visit, it will be worth your time!

Eric Klinkowski

Friday, Dec. 29, 2017

Worth the stop. Having been to the world's largest Popcorn ball in Sac ,Iowa, the future birthplace of James T Kirk in Riverside IA, and Elvis's Motorcycle in Murdo SD, the Spam Museum outranks them all. Except for maybe Captain Kirk, but he's not real, so SPAM wins!

Robb Dohrmann

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017

Weather you like Spam or not this a cool place. It's free to go and check out. Their is many interactive activities for kids and fun things for adults. It doesn't take very long to get through everything in the museum. Probably about at hour or so.

T- Man

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017

An amazing history of Hormel, the town of Austin and of course, SPAM! Steve, the official SPAMbassador, did a wonderful walk through of all things related to SPAM, Hormel, the town and the family of Hormel. Got to try jalapeno & Tocino Spam, now a fan of both flavors. The gift shop is a perfect ending to the tour. Well worth the side step from I35 to the town of Austin and the SPAM Museum!