Soudan Underground Mine State Park

1302 McKinley Park Road

Adventure abounds at Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park! Tour the historic underground mine or high energy physics lab, take a boat out or cast a line on Lake Vermilion, or hike through acres of old growth pine forest. The addition of nearly 3000 acres and five miles of Lake Vermilion shoreline in 2010 will no doubt add even more opportunities to experience the wonders of northern Minnesota.


VulcanRooster67 1

Sunday, June 25, 2017

This place is Awesome!! Very cool experience. The mine is a little chilly may need a light jacket or sweatshirt. The staff are friendly and very professional. They care about your safety! I highly recommend going on the tour! Amazing how Miners did their work...

Peter Hosfield

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017

This was a great experience. Our tour guide Reed was incredibly knowledgeable about the mine, the area, and the geology. The mine is chilly so bring a jacket. Highly recommend a few hours here. Be sure to check out the extensive grounds.

Ben Cedarberg

Saturday, Sep. 16, 2017

Great tour of the mine, and a lot to see on the surface without paying for the tour. Our 3 and 5 year olds loved it. Beyond the mine there is nice hiking, lake access, biking on the Mesabi trail, a new day use area near the new campground east of the mine area with picnic areas and fishing pier.

Casey Sanders

Monday, Aug. 7, 2017

One of the best tours I have ever been to! Just make sure you wear pants and a long sleeve shirt and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. It is around 50°F down in the cave and when you are on the train the wind makes it pretty chilly.

Donald Clark

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fantastic visit and certainly one to do of best the area. We booked ahead for a party of 27 and got a group rate of $11 / head. Pete was a fantastic guide, handing out knowledge, entertainment and insights on equal measure. The ride in the underground train was a really works theme park experience!