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Our mission is to connect people, animals and the natural world., which means we're dedicated to inspiring people to act on behalf of the environment. To accomplish this, we provide award-winning recreational, educational and conservation programs, locally, nationally and internationally.


Richard Lee

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Over 20 years ago, with a family membership to the Minnesota Zoo, we decided not to renew our membership because the value obtained for money spent was just not there. Places like the Minnesota Science Museum and Children’s Museum were much better values. Even the FREE Como Zoo had more animals and activities. In addition to membership fees, the Minnesota Zoo seemed always to be asking for more money, donations to one thing or another. The value proposition was just not there, so we did not renew. Now, over 20 years later, I decided to revisit the Minnesota Zoo using a free pass. Even though admission was free, we spent over $80 on food and goodies sold to the captive audience at a high price. Still, the value proposition is not sufficient: few animals spread out over lots of space, many over-priced items to purchase, several big corporations allowing the Zoo to use their names, no activities, no regularly scheduled tours, and no “Animals in Action” experience. For the price of admission, certainly there should be some included benefits other than walking around long paths and open spaces to see relatively few animals. Perhaps the Minnesota Zoo should consider the model used by the San Diego Zoo, an entrance fee somewhat higher than the Minnesota Zoo, with a guided bus tour, "Kangaroo Express Bus", an aerial tram and all regularly scheduled shows included at no additional cost. A very few years ago, I willingly paid the ticket prices and fees for two full days at the San Diego Zoo. Alternately, the Como Zoo is only 35 minutes away, it’s free, there are many animals and there are even rides for children. Perhaps in another 20 years, I’ll visit the Minnesota Zoo to see if they’ve made significant changes, that is, if I get a free ticket. Wouldn’t want to waste the price of admission and see that nothing has changed.

Lukas Johnson

Friday, July 13, 2018
Great place to spend a day at! There is certainly a lot to see! The grounds were very clean, the staff was friendly. It definitely is more expensive than Como but you get what you pay for. Membership is probably the best route for a family as going two or three times and it pays for itself. Adult nights are a lot of fun too!

Josh Bertocki

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Love this zoo. Great layout and lots of interesting exhibits. A lot of indoor exhibits too if the weather is poor. Very easy to get to everything. The grizzly bears, sea otters, and kangaroos were the standouts for us. And you can tell they really care about the animals by the size and conditions of the enclosures. (The tiger enclosure is enormous.)

Andrew Biggar

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
This zoo is amazing! So much to see and won't cost a lot. Mostly wheelchair friendly. The butterfly house, Tropic Trail and Minnesota Trail are at the top of a steep ramp, but worth it. Lots of animals to see. All with some great info about the animals and conservation efforts. This zoo has countless animals it has rescued including a beautiful bald eagle that cant fly anymore. Great conservation efforts make this zoo worth coming back to again and again.

Howard Glad

Sunday, June 3, 2018
Great zoo! Actually two zoos in the Twin Cities area; one at Como and the other in Apple Valley. Visited the Apple Valley site and had a wonderful time. Great walking paths with plenty of shade and benches between exhibits. Good signage let's you know where you are and where to go. Lots of activities and shows throughout the day and evenings too. Reasonable fees and friendly, knowledgeable staff makes for a wonderful outing.

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