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Lowry Nature Center

7025 Victoria Drive

Lowry Nature Center, the first public nature center built in the Twin Cities, is a beautiful, prairie-style building nestled in the middle of the Carver Park Reserve. Inside, view seasonal interpretive displays, visit our live animals, observe birds in our wildlife view area, or just relax near the fireplace or on the deck.

Outside, the 250-acre interpretive area features hiking trails that weave between diverse habitats such as lakes, tamarack bogs, cattail marshes, and hardwood forests. Along the trails, visitors might also spot some of the varied wildlife that live in the park, including beaver, deer, fox, coyote, muskrats, bats, and turkeys. Some 250 species of birds can be observed in Carver Park seasonally. Opportunities to enhance your experience at the park are available through cell phone audio stops, trail guides, exploration kits and interpretive signs. 
The interpretive area also includes two unique play and exploration areas. "Habitats" is a play area where children can interact with giant flowers and a "beaver lodge" while learning about animals that would live in those habitats. The Nature Exploration Area was created specifically to encourage free play in the outdoors. Children can explore, dig and build while adults play along or observe nearby.


David Nendza

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Went to walk a bit and maybe see some wildlife. Ended up only seeing some cranes on the path but the walk was still nice. Didn't see anyone else on the trails I took, but could have been the time I went (tues noon - 1:30 or so). Overall I liked it and will probably go back to explore more trails.

Christopher Heille

Friday, July 6, 2018
If you're camping be aware there are no hookups and no showers. The campground though it's very well maintained and patrolled 24/7.

Jamie Dulebohn

Thursday, June 14, 2018
Love this place. Free to get in, lots of parking. There are paved and non-paved paths. Careful on the non-paved though, we saw a turtle laying eggs we may have scared, and there are ticks. Bugs spray is a must. Also very good Pokemon Go-ing if you're into thay, as my daughter and I are.

Tim Swiontkowski

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Such a great experience! The kids really enjoyed searching for Bigfoot and meeting the one eyed Owl.

James Garner

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Looks like a super nice place, just don't go in July, the deer flies swarms are straight out of a horror movie.

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