Karpeles Manuscript Library And Museum

902 East First Street

The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum holds the world’s largest collection of original historical manuscripts. The Museum’s primary mission is the preservation of the writings of great authors, scientists, composers, philosophers, statesmen, sovereigns and leaders, from all periods in world history. All admissions, as well as outreach program services, are provided free of charge to the public. The Museum, one of eleven Karpeles Museums around the country, strives to promote literacy and education. Exhibits are created around a particular theme and rotated every four months. The Museum also serves as an art gallery, showcasing the finest local and regional artists. Overlooking Klutho Park along Hogan’s Creek, the Karpeles Museum creates an impressive entrance to Historic Springfield. The massive Greek Revival structure, highlighted by towering Doric columns, was originally built in 1921 for the First Church of Christ Scientist. It was designed by Marsh & Saxelbye, well-known local architects, and built by W.D. Gerbich. Beyond it’s amazing structure, the building features beautiful stained glass windows and original 1920’s fixtures.


Chris Bacigalupo

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

Beyond cool, Dukuth is so lucky to have this.

Peter Angelos

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some very rare artifacts in a peaceful, professional setting.

Peter J Jongewaard

Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016

Cool building, has lots of super old stuff there. They need to fix their staircase outside though, it's crumbling to pieces out there! Very cool piece of history here.

Brian and Mira Vats-Fournier

Friday, Dec. 9, 2016

My kids loved the Disney cels and the rotary phone exhibits. Each of them found something unique to remember as their favorite exhibit, whether it was the Egyptian statuary, the magnificent boat models, or the working telegraph machines.

Scott Ollila

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017

Very interesting Bob Dylan exhibit