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Duluth Children's Museum

Duluth Children's Museum
115 South 29th Avenue West

Mission and History:

The Duluth Children's Museum is a place where children begin their lifelong exploration of an ever-expanding world. The mission of the Duluth Children's Museum is to spark children's curiosity. In all of its creative and educational activities, the Duluth Children's Museum:

 - Respects the sense of play in children and adults.
 - Encourages cooperative and inter-generational play.
 - Affirms diversity and an appreciation of differences.
 - Brings children and families together to encounter new ideas and learning.
 - Engages imagination, intellect, emotions and senses in play and learning.
 - Actively maintains a multi-cultural collection as a learning resource.

One of the first children's museums in the country, the Duluth Children's Museum opened in 1930 as a resource for teachers, schoolchildren and families to learn more about their world neighbors. The organization's name was changed to the A.M. Chisholm Museum in 1954 following the donation of the Chisholm family residence, which was used as a permanent home for the Museum. In 1975, the Museum relocated to the Depot and it became a member organization of the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center. The organization reclaimed its original name in 1994.

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