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Alexandria - Carlos Creek Winery

6693 County Road 34 NorhWest

Open: Year Round

Carlos Creek Winery is located in the Alexandria Lakes area in west central Minnesota and in the heart of Minnesota's first Federally Approved Viticultural Area (AVA). Our 15 acres of vineyards are planted with cold-hearty grape varieties that can withstand 30 degrees below without protection. Our orchards are planted with a variety of apple trees that are grown exclusively for our wine production. Carlos Creek Winery is owned and operated by the Bredeson family. Many people ask us how we got into the wine business.


Jeri Schulze

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
I was excited come here, but was disappointed in my experience. I hated the pre-determined flights concept. I would have preferred to choose my own. While I understand having many wines to chose from may overwhelm some visitors, if you have a knowledgeable staff that can explain the wines, it can make for a more personal experience. I found this approach to be cold and frankly permits your staff to be a little lazy for lack of a better word. They just have to check off a list and not even engage the patron. Of the dozen wineries I've had the opportunity to visit, this was the least enjoyable experience. As for the wines, also nothing to write home about. I commend you in winning many awards, but this is the first time I have ever left a winery empty-handed (trust me, this is an uncommon occurrence).

Kent Runge

Friday, Feb. 2, 2018
We've enjoyed visiting over the years, though not wine drinkers we've found the visits fun and informative. We have noted that it's become a more upscale place the past few years, I applaud their success but miss the less refined setting.

Paige Meier

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Tapas Thursday was so fun. My husband and I attended last week. $5 glasses of wine and we chose bruschetta! We will Be back!

Amanda Bergner

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018
Great wines, beautiful property and buildings, friendly staff. Love this place. My favorite wines are both Minnescato's, Hot Dish Red, Wobegon White... OK there's too many to name 😁

Bill Koller

Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018
My Grilfriend and I were long time wine club members until 2017. Carlos Creek seemed to quit caring about the wine club members, it seemed that they were just offloading clearance wines in our packs. Winter would come and they would give us Sweet raspberry wines, Moscato's and spring would come and we would get the left over reds. We canceled our membership and signed up with another MN winery that actually paired wines with the season. 3 out of the last 4 years we made the journey from St. Paul to Alexandria to attend the Valentines Chocolate and Cheese Pairing in years past it was excellent! This year (2018) they must have had a 2 year old doing the pairing. It started with a Spicy Hot Gouda Cheese spread and a white wine, Horrible pairing all it did was bring out the hot spice when you drank the wine (Mouth on fire) with no water to cleans the pallet before the next pairing. 2nd was Minnescato and Smoked cheddar, Cheddar with a sweet desert wine? 3rd Raspberry Wine and Cheese cake, This was OK, but the cheese cake did not fit in with the Chocolate and Cheese pairing at all. 4th Merlot and Smoked swiss, I'm not sure if the wine ruined the cheese or vice versa. 5th Marquette and Red Velvet Cupcake, they did not work together at all. 6th Tawny Port and Brownie Bites. I love ports, I hated this port, it reminded me of Jagermeister we both took one sip and left that one on the table. At the end was a couple of rotted strawberries , thanks, that was nice to bite into them. After the disappointing tasting that we made a 2 and a half hour car trip for we went up and each got a glass of wine for a mere $8 per glass, restaurants that serve Carlos Creek don't even charge that much for that, this is a MN wine not a Cali wine. Just lost our business for good.

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