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Cannon River Winery

421 Mill Street West

Open: Year Round

About Us

The Winery

We warmly invite you to visit our Winery conveniently located midway between St. Paul and Rochester in the heart of historic downtown Cannon Falls. Our award-winning wines are handcrafted on-site mixing old traditions with new and combining local techniques with those from around the world. Opening each bottle of our wine offers a glimpse into a unique and time-perfected process. From the vine to the glass, we ensure that our product is the best wine Minnesota has to offer.

In 2004 we opened the doors of our beautifully renovated Winery, formerly home to Lee Chevrolet. The rich history, warm décor, and inviting ambiance are an excellent complement to our award-winning wines.

Enjoy a wine tasting or choose a glass of your favorite to sip while you relax in our beautiful Winery accented by century-old limestone walls.

The Vineyard

Our vineyard is located minutes from downtown Cannon Falls in the beautiful rolling hills of Sogn Valley. Our 19th century timber frame barn completes the picturesque setting and you'll swear for a minute you stepped off a plane into Napa Valley. Each fall we open our lively vineyard to the public for grape harvesting, tours and picnics.

The south facing slopes of our vineyard are not only beautiful, they are ideal for growing our luscious grapes. Our cold hardy grapes are based on Minnesota hybrid varieties that allow them to survive our cold winters and add a unique and delicious flavor to the wine world.


Megan Gillen

Monday, July 2, 2018
WEDDING REVIEW: Our experience at the Cannon River Winery was beyond amazing! We hired Anne as our day-of coordinator and it was one of the best decisions! It was a such a relief to have our day in her hands and know that we could relax and enjoy it. Anne's team is fantastic as well - Marcie is one of the kindest people to work with and put me so at ease on the day of! The vineyard was gorgeous in early June, and many commented on how cool/unique of a ceremony location it was. The event center is perfectly elegant, vintage, and rustic all at once. This venue may not be your cheapest option out there, but every penny is worth it! Highly recommend.

Shohn Taylor

Saturday, June 9, 2018
Kayla was very friendly and helpful. Nice atmosphere and 2 live music acts that were good. My wife and I really don't know wine or really like wine but our kids do. So we ask Kayla for some advice and she had us taste a few until we found 1 we liked. If you go there try the GoGo Red. Also ask for Kayla, but all the sommeliers are great.

Deidre Kristoff-Goetting

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Great atmosphere. Nice staff and good wine. Will have to go back another time when we get the chance. Hopefully soon.

Andy McGrath

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Spacious, air conditioned tasting room. Great service. Music made conversation hard.

Michelle Kieser

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Great wine. Live music was wonderful. Great place for celebrations.

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