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Burnsville - Burnsville Skatepark

251 Civic Center Parkway

Located in Civic Center Park between 130th and 134th streets on Civic Center Parkway. A 5,500-sq.-ft.,Tier I outdoor facility for inline skaters, skateboarders and bikers.

FREE to the general public!

Open: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily


Jeff Gintz

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018
Our family has been there a handful of times since it reopened. The park itself is nice and the amenities seem adequate, especially considering there is no cost. However, each time we have been to this skate park there has been older teenagers/young adults (late teens/early 20s) that seem to act like they own the place. They are rude to our younger children and say things to give off a vibe that beginners don't belong here. There is no staff to keep these people in line so they persist with their rude behavior. One guy threatened to run over my daughter because he felt she was too small for this park and not talented enough for his liking. I told him to mind his own business and go to a park that charges admission if he wanted a more professional environment. This guy continued to swear out loud to nobody in particular with f-bombs and be passive aggressive toward me. I asked one of the other fathers there and he agreed with me that this guy's behavior was out of line. We have had similar experiences, only to a lesser degree each time we have been there. Teenagers that feel the park is theirs and only certain skills should be allowed. If Burnsville would have staff there these situations would be avoided and lessened.

reK Syhre

Monday, July 3, 2017
Awesome skatepark, info before noon on the weekdays and it is great. People are nice, skill levels vary from new to really good to people just trying to get back into it again like myself. Scooters, Skateboards, and bikes are most common here but I have seen blades and Y Flickers/ripsticks too. Good amount of flat ground trick room and lanes for grinding the ledges there, also has drop in ramps. Has a double mini pipe and a cement bowl as well. Two flat ledges to manual etc, many areas to transition, stair gap with rail and ledge. Two rails and a half stair gap with ramp as well. When crowded it can be hard to find a spot to skate, or wait your turn I guess, go early.

Christian Hedin

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Great place for skateboarding and scootering. I had a great time there and would come again all the time

Matthew L

Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016
Grew up skating this park and it has transformed into an all concrete plaza, complete with a beautiful bowl. Looks great, skates better. Thank you Burnsvillians!


Monday, Nov. 21, 2016
Newer, all cement, next to The Garage, decent park. If you are new to the area, don't worry about sketchiness, it is right near the police depot. Also includes two pokegyms, some stops, and a rotating nest.

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