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Bottineau Field Park

Bottineau Field Park
2000 Second St. NE

Located adjacent to New Visions School, this 7-acre complex is a popular gathering place for people of all ages. The domed Bottineau Fieldhouse is the first of its kind in the Minneapolis Park System.


Bottineau Park was named for Pierre Bottineau, one of the first settlers of St. Anthony, who owned a large portion of what is now northeast Minneapolis. According to a 1975 compilation of the names of park properties, Bottineau at one time had platted the land for a park. In 1933, the Polish Central Organization petitioned to change the name of the park to Pulaski Field, but that request was never approved. Kazimierz Pulaski was a Polish soldier who became a general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and is credited with establishing the first cavalry in the U. S. Army.

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