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Hastings - Afton Alps

6600 Peller Avenue South

For 51 years, Afton Alps has delighted the Twin Cities' families as one of the Midwest's premier winter destinations. Nestled in the scenic St. Croix River Valley just outside Minneapolis and St. Paul, this sprawling resort poured $10 million the fall of 2013 into re-imagining the guest experience with the base area facilities, a powerful state-of-the-art snowmaking system and a cutting edge terrain park.

With nearly 300 skiable acres, 50 trails, 18 lifts and four terrain parks, there is enough terrain to challenge experts to beginners, day or night.

Accessible, affordable and fun, this big-time resort with a small-town feel has converted thousands of first-timers into lifelong skiers and riders, and now with the opportunity to take that passion to Vail Resorts' iconic western mountains, Afton Alps is truly the place where Epic begins.


Mike Wilson

Sunday, April 15, 2018
This ski resort has both pros and cons. Pros: -This ski resort is a lot larger than the other ski resorts near the Twin Cities, and they have a variety of runs -There are several chalets and all of the chalets are in good condition -The chairlifts here are significantly faster than the lifts at nearby resorts, and there's a pad on every chairlift that makes them more comfortable to sit on -There's a nice overlook on sunny days from the top of the hill Cons: -The prices here are extremely high and there's almost no benefit to buying a season pass early -The season passes at nearby resorts are half the price when purchased in the spring -If you come here during a weekday, only a couple of chairlifts are open, and because of that, you can only use some of the runs. They're never fully open on weekdays, and several times I've seen a huge line at a chairlift on a weekday simply because none of the nearby lifts were open. -This resort is extremely crowded during every single weekend, and because of that, it's not fun to come here on the weekends. I've also gone to most of the nearby resorts during weekends, and although they also get busy, they aren't anywhere near as crowded as Afton. -It's extremely irritating how they use scanners to scan your lift pass, because the workers scan your pass every single time you go by them and the scanners they use are slow to read your pass. There have been countless times where the line has gotten held up by a scanner, causing multiple lifts go by without anyone getting on them. -At the very least, they should have fewer workers scanning passes, because when I go to other nearby resorts, it's very rare for anyone to ask to see my season pass. There's no reason why Afton needs a worker to scan my pass 20 or 30 times in a single day. -Additionally, look up as you're about to board a chairlift. They also have permanent scanners at every chairlift, and so Vail is closely tracking your moves at this resort -They're extremely slow to open all of the runs at the beginning of the season and they're always the last resort in the metro to fully open -Then in the spring they're usually the first resort to close for the season -They do a very poor job at providing a heads up prior to a closure or a re-opening. They often don't announce their plans on Facebook until just hours prior to it, but other resorts such as Wild Mountain will let you know about their plans days in advance.

Grace Stewart

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
Beginner, intermediate or advanced snow boarder or skier this is a great destination. Come in the morning if you want the terrain more to yourself! It can get so busy and populated by late afternoon and evening. Now, if you want good food, pack it! I bring fruit & snacks as their food is all bar food, deep fried or high fat options. They could improve with offering healthier options and thus 4 stars... but the slopes on good days is 5 stars

Melissa Brown

Friday, April 6, 2018
Variety of runs for all skill levels. I think 4 chalets, two at the top and two at the bottom. 10+ chair lifts. Restaurant with a bar and fireplace, great food. Not very busy on weekdays. Blows snow if not adequate, well groomed. Three terrain parks, one has a tow rope and the other two are part of runs. Fire at the base and top of hill to keep warm.

Matt Gage

Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017
Best local skiing in the Twin Cities. There's a reason Vail bought this place and dumped in a bunch of money. Great vibe. Friendly staff. Interesting terrain for all levels, and lots of snow guns to make early season a bit more enjoyable. And, good training center, particularly for kids. Also, an emphasis on ski/snowboard parks. Brings a little bit of the West to Midwest skiing. Bit more expensive than other more quaint hills, but the extra money is worth it in terms of experience (coming from a former out West - CO - 40+ day/season skier).

Colin Godfrey

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Hadn't been here in several years. New RFID lift cards were a nice feature, however some lift lines were long because there was only one person scanning and many chairs were sent up the hill empty because of it. I had an old gift card from before the Vail purchase that they still honored and even gave me a new one because the magnetic strip was faulty. Overall great customer service, would just be nice to have an extra person scanning lift tickets.

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