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Polish Cultural Institute and Museum

102 Liberty Street


The mission of the Polish Cultural Institute and Museum is to collect, exhibit, interpret and disseminate the heritage of the Kashubian Polish Culture.

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The Polish Cultural Institute and Museum resides in a three-story building built in 1890 by the Laird-Norton Lumber Company. It is located on the southeast corner of Second and Liberty Streets in Winona, Minnesota. Purchased in 1977 by Rev. Paul J. Breza, it was intended as a museum-storage area for the “Committee for Polish Affairs” – later known as the Polish Heritage Society. Aborted by its parent organization shortly after inception, the Polish Museum’s few remaining volunteers  patched, painted, plumbed and plastered a lumber yard office into an appropriate showplace for the history of Winona’s vibrant Kashubian Polish community. The upper floor of the museum houses a “temporary” archive of the Diocese of Winona.

The Polish Cultural Institute and Museum also maintains Winona’s Kashubian Polish traditions through events and other initiatives. Smaczne Jablka (Apple Day) is celebrated annually along with recognition of other important holidays. Every summer, the Polish Museum sends two or three Winona high school students to Winona’s sister city of Bytow, Poland for a month, and arranges for two or three Bytow high school students to spend a month in Winona. Volunteers from the Polish Museum perform concerts, make public appearances in the Winona community, and maintain Internet resources dedicated to furthering an appreciation of Kashubian Polish culture.


Nick Goede

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018
While visiting here with my brother I was shocked with the amount of information and artifacts available which told the story of the Polish settlement in the Winona area. Don't hesitate to ask questions of the curators because they are very well informed folks!

Anna Teut

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
very poor signage, only says who donated what. i want to know the story behind the objects.

Justin Graf

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017
I always learn something new every time I visit the Polish Cultural Institute. Father Breza is a walking wealth of information regarding anything Kashubian or Polish. The gift shop also stocks a nice selection of Boleslaw pottery and Lubiana plate sets. Friendly folks and of course the rich and vibrant culture of Kashubian Polish on display is always a treat! If you visit Winona, you have to stop here!

David Sieracki

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017
A treasure trove of information and historical artifacts for anyone of Polish background or anyone that has an interest in the American immigrant experience of the 19th and 20th centuries. Make sure to ask for Father Paul Breza and stop by the gift shop! When you are done here, try out the Winona Historical Society down the street.

Shannon Brockton

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Great polish history

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