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Paisley Park

7801 Audubon Road

Paisley Park, Prince's extraordinary private estate and production complex in Chanhassen, Minnesota, will open for daily public tours starting October 6, 2016. Fans will have the unprecedented opportunity to experience first-hand what it was like for Prince to create, produce and perform inside this private sanctuary and remarkable production complex.


J Chanhassen

Sunday, June 17, 2018
Had a blast on the tour with my sister who has been a huge Prince fan since the 80's. It was very thorough and informatve, and just so much fun. It is a very well put together tour. Just a couple minor complaints, it would be nice if the locked pouch they give you for your cellphone had a lanyard so you could carry it around your neck, and the music sample in the studio was too loud. Other than that it was fantastic, just fantastic. I may go back some time and get the premium tour

Ericka Sutton

Monday, May 28, 2018
I just recently visited Paisley Park and enjoyed every second there! The staff and security were great like a big family. I had to wait 3 hours while my husband took his ultimate tour. During that wait the staff made me feel very comfortable! I suggest that if you are a Prince fan, take a tour, it's worth it!!My favorite thing was the after dark party, fun fun fun!!!

Liam O'Sionnach

Sunday, May 20, 2018
This beautiful place is hallowed ground and well worth the trip, even if you're not familiar with this legend's extensive music. I went on a guided VIP tour with Marshall (I think was his name... young man with long hair) and his knowledge, manner and humble respect was extremely impressive, I had an amazing experience. Everyone should make this pilgrimage, but PLEASE be respectful and don't ask any embarrassing, awkward questions about where he was found, the current lawsuits, etc. Just enjoy the man's amazing musical legacy presented here.

GT Stepp

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Pretty plain looking on the outside but still a fun tour on the inside. We just did the standard tour and was able to see most of the downstairs. Apparently nobody gets to see the private areas upstairs. Most of the rooms are filled with his outfits and memorabilia from both his concerts and his movies. You get to to see some unseen footage from one of his recording sessions as well. All in all, if you are a Prince fan it is a must see.

Amy Hawkins

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Loved the tour - well worth the money. You'll see Prince's remains on site (he was cremated) so be ready for that. You'll see his studio, office, areas of relaxation, costumes, and murals. You also get to see his concert hall areas. The gift shop is nice too. The tours are guided, and you can ask questions. My only complaint is that you can't take pictures, unlike Graceland. Would recommend if you are a Prince fan, and a rock fan. He was such a talented musician. You can really get a sense of his spirit at Paisley Park.

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