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Duluth Art Institute

506 West Michigan Street

Mission Statement:

The Duluth Art Institute enriches daily life with dynamic, innovative arts programming that upholds excellence and promotes active community participation.

Vision Statement:

Wide involvement in the visual arts, both through art-making and art appreciation are highly valued and distinctive elements of community life in Duluth. Community leaders and members see the Duluth Art Institute (DAI) as a hub of creativity, new ideas and community engagement for people of all ages, ability, economic and skill levels.

Access to DAI’s offerings is available in multiple venues. Exhibitions and education programming are available through its easily accessible physical home, as well as through satellite sites, mobile offerings and cyberspace. The result is that even the homebound or people living at a distance can enjoy many of DAI’s programs. Individuals have such enriching experiences at DAI that they encourage their friends and families to participate, creating a viral marketing system for the Institute.

Its exhibition openings, family days and special events are the “hot” place to see and be seen. Its organizational image is one of fun, energy and innovation. Tourists seek out the DAI exhibitions and activities of DAI as part of their vacation experience in Duluth. Universities, schools, social service agencies and other arts organizations enjoy partnerships with DAI that mutually benefit the organizations and jointly foster their missions. Local businesses value the contributions of DAI to Duluth’s quality of life as a factor that attracts new professionals and businesses to the area.

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