The 10 Best Skate Shops in Minnesota!

Board riders in Minnesota need a place to get their gear. Across the state, you’ll find local board shops with expert staff, ready to hook you up with all the latest gear. Here are our favorite places to browse boards and tune trucks.

1. 3rd Lair Skatepark and Skateshop, Golden Valley, MN

3rd Lair is easily ground zero for skateboarding in Minnesota. In addition to its super-popular skatepark, it also boasts a decent skate shop. Much of its gear is logo gear, but they’ve also got plenty of trucks, wheels, bearings, and other parts to ensure that you’re riding smoothly.

2. Damage Boardshop, Duluth, MN

Damage Boardshop carries a deep selection of boards, from many brands, as well as all the other parts and gear you’ll need to get going and keep rolling. They also carriy several brands of longboards, sunglasses shoes, and even cameras for when you need to catch that buck in HD video.

3. Familia Skateshop, Minneapolis, MN

Board riders are certainly familiar with Familia HQ, the indoor skate park in Northeast Minneapolis. What they may not realize is that Familia also has a full-service skateshop in Uptown. Their boards and apparel tend toward the Familia-branded gear, but they’ve also got a full range of parts and accessory.

4. Help Boardshop, Edina, MN

Help Boardshop is staffed by folks who love to ride, whether snowboards, skateboards, or both. They sell and service a good selection of boards and keep plenty of parts on hand. They recently added an indoor skatepark to their Edina facility and their dedicated staff will be happy to share some tricks with you or let you try out a board to help you make a decision.

5. MXK Skate, Minneapolis, MN

Another of the Metro Area’s dedicated skate shops (not a snowboard within blocks of the place), MXK specializes in gorgeously-designed decks from a number of brands. You can order the trucks, wheels, and bearings to customize your own board or have them do it for you in the shop.

6. The House, St. Paul, MN

What started as a backstreet board shop in the St. Paul suburb of Little Canada exploded into a giant online/offline retailer of all things outdoors. But boards remain at the heart of The House. Despite their forays into so many other retail areas, their selection of boards, parts, and gear is almost impossible to argue with. If you go in person, be warned that The House is spread across 200,000 square-feet in three buildings—and skate gear is available in both the main store and the outlet store.

7. The Alt, Minneapolis, MN

The Alt Bike and Board Shop is a family-owned retailer that was one on Minnesota’s first skate shops. They started offering skateboards alongside their bikes in the mid-1970s. Pioneers in the scene, The Alt when on to launch the state’s first two skateparks. Shopping for a board or parts at The Alt means you’re getting some of the most experienced skate expertise around.

8. Primate Longboards, Mankato, MN

If you’re looking for a customized cruising deck that’s designed and built right here in Minnesota, with local artists and craftespeople, Primate Longboards is the place to go. You can order a custom board or just the deck and finish it off yourself.

9. Zombie Boardshop, Burnsville, MN

Thanks to Zombie Boardshop, South of the River skaters aren’t left to fend for themselves with big box chains and mall stores. Located near Buck Hill (they carry snowboards, as well), the shop is staffed by a group of talented, knowledgeable folks who love their sports.

10. South Central Athlete, Austin, MN

Board riders in the Austin area need look no farther than South Central Athlete for boards, parts, gear and apparel. Whether you’re looking for shoes or trucks, bearings or grip, South Central Athlete is the spot for skaters in this part of the North Star State.

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