Northern Vineyards Winery

223 Main Street North

Open: Year Round

About Us:

Northern Vineyards Winery is situated in eastern Minnesota's St. Croix wine country.   From our location in the quaint downtown area of Stillwater you can enjoy one of our delightful, award winning wines as you take in the panoramic view of the scenic St. Croix River and the historic Lift Bridge that connects Minnesota and Wisconsin.fold bridge. Northern Vineyards is one of the featured Minnesota wineries on the Three Rivers Wine Trail.  The Three Rivers Wine Trail is the oldest in the state and offers the opportunity to experience five local wineries.  Northern Vineyards is also a member of the Minnesota Farm Winery Association.


History Northern Vineyards Winery has been making wines since 1977, one of the oldest Minnesota wineries in operation.  In 1983 the Minnesota Winegrowers Cooperative acquired Northern Vineyards as a means of making and selling wines from the grapes produced by our grower members.  We are one of the first wine cooperatives in the United States and the only one of the local wineries.  Our members' vineyards are located throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.  Robin Partch, our winemaker and manager, came on board in 1989 and has been producing award winning wines ever since.


Dario C

Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017

A must-stop for 21+ wine lovers, Northern Vineyards Winery is an excellent place to pre-game before touring the town. The staff is very friendly, talkative, and will usually give you more to "sample" than what you've purchased. Visit during the summer and enjoy sipping wine from local Minnesota grapes while taking in the view of the river and lift-bridge from their vine-covered balcony.

Mindy Ondich

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The people were reasonably friendly, but the wines were crap. Didn't like a single one.

Greg J

Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016

Cozy, but more of a wine bar. We were looking for something g more like a vineyard, but obviously that's tough in downtown Stillwater. We weren't particular fond of any of the wines include I the tasting, but that's more personal preference.

Amy Merchant

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ok so first off, I don't really consider myself a wine snob. But I am from Oregon. So that probably gives me some standards that others don't have. Well, I mean, Maybe. Potentially. The wine was great! Sometimes in the Upper Midwest, there is a tendency for overly sweet wine..but their wines are not super sweet...and I like that. That being said....if you are one of those people who like drinking sweet "wine" this place is not for you. One of my absolute favorite Minnesota reds I have had was from here...St Croix! Try it! Also, when I go wine tasting I go for the experience not just the wine. The girl behind the counter was great. So knowledgeable! I will be back

garrett rogers

Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016

Cold weather grapes rule, I love them and the wine they produce. Call me crazy.... This isn't California? The hell you say. I've never been to a more friendly or inviting winery. The prices, comparatively, are very reasonable. But.... Closed at 6 pm? Seriously