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Coffee Mill Ski And Snowboard Resort

99 Coulee Way

Coffee Mill, named after a historic navigational point along the mighty Mississippi, offers the best of coulee skiing with a unique "bowl" arrangement for convenient lift accessibility and protection from cold winter winds.

Extra long slopes combined with high capacity chairs provide a skiing experience second to none.

From the gentle slopes of Chippewa to the radical pitch of O'Chute, each run is obscured from the next by an abundant growth of birch, oaks, and pines. Modern snowmaking and daily grooming insure great snow throughout the season.

The majestic area offers fantastic views of river valleys and two states with unparalleled beauty.


Roger Skugrud

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
Great family place. They Groom in the morning which means the snow is really soft. It hasn't set up overnight like the hills that groove in the night Before. It is small . It has only 2 lifts but play originate close to the chalet. That beings it's great for families because they're always winding up at the same place after a run. They also have a chair lift that stops part way up the Hill. This chair is extremely popular for parents skiing with their young kids. They get to ride a chair lift and then skied on a very nice but short beginners run. Except on the one race day of the year the lift lines are really quite short. Senior lift tickets are only $15. So runs park pretty much street fall line runs. Nothing with a multiple fall line to deal with.And because of E older Lifts The green and blue runs are not really crowded and this makes of very comfortable for beginners and families. As you can likely pick up this is One of those secret spots. It's Worth checking out if you've never been there.

JK Simm

Monday, Dec. 18, 2017
This is the first time I've ever gone skiing/snowboarding. My husband has gone skiing many times, but not in a long while. We went here because it's not too far away, and he'd been here many times before- albeit close to a decade ago. Only issue we had getting there is that google maps tries to direct you down a road that's closed. Once we got there everything went well, we got our passes, and were all set to try. Our only issue was that while my husband is good at skiing- he's never used a snowboard, which is what I was trying (based on leg length, center of gravity, etc. snowboarding was recommended for me.) After a few short slides and falling down, a worker there came out to check the tow rope that pulls you up the little hill. He saw we were having issues, and came iver and showed me how to use the rope, and gave me some tips for getting down the hill. They do offer lessons that you can pay for- but we didn't pay for lessons (because I stubbornly wanted to figure it out myself) and still had somebody come and help us. This might not happen all the time, there weren't many people out that day and there wasn't a lot going on, but it's definitely above and beyond what we expected. Mainly because we just paid to use the hills/lifts, and we got a free lesson. Overall I'd say it's a good place to start, and while I'm still not great at snowboarding- I'd definitely go here and try it again.

Sam Butterfield

Monday, Jan. 1, 2018
Very friendly staff. The weather when we went was -25 wind chill. The manager gave us 2 passes for a future date without us asking. Definitely above and beyond what he had to do

Nate Hafner

Friday, Feb. 9, 2018
A good selection of slopes for every skill level, and the instructors are all friendly

Russell Durkee

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018
Great family place. Good price for what you get

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