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Minneapolis - Bell Museum Of Natural History

10 Church Street South East

As Minnesaota's state natural history museum, our mission is to discover, document and understand nature and promote informed stewardship of our world.

About The Bell Museum:

The James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History was established by state legislative mandate in 1872 to collect, preserve, skillfully prepare, display, and interpret our state's diverse animal and plant life for scholarly research and teaching and for public appreciation, enrichment, and enjoyment. Its governance belongs, by state legislative designation, to the University of Minnesota.

Collecting, researching, and teaching serve to inform exhibits, exhibitions, and public outreach. This unique synergy, perhaps possible only on the campus of a great university, distinguishes the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History as an institution that:

Maintains excellent, comprehensive scientific collections.

Produces timely, cutting edge research.

Teaches new generations of natural history experts, entrepreneurs, and informed citizens.

Exhibits the natural life of our state and region—and beyond—in ways that inspire inquiry, appreciation, and enjoyment.

Educates visitors and participants through customized learning opportunities.

Serves teachers and students throughout the community, state and region through innovative, creative outreach and award-winning, nationally recognized distance learning programs.


Julie Teran

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018
Beautiful, modern venue for your next event (after Aug 1, 2018)! Thoughtfully designed interior and exterior spaces combine with the great dioramas, an awesome new planetarium, and an experienced event planner to make the most of your event!

BP StPaul

Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016
Hurry if you want to see the Bell Museum. It closes at the end of Dec, 2016 and will be moving to a new building on the University of Minnesota St Paul campus (with a state of the art planetarium) in Summer, 2018. It a state supported Natural History Museum on the University campus, but in truth it's what museums looked like in the 1950's. It mainly a zoo that's been attacked by a taxidermist. But the dioramas are beautifully done and it's a showcase of the wildlife of the Upper Midwest. Keep an eye out for the diorama where the badger has killed a golden gopher. What's up with that - on the U of M campus of all places. Worth seeing before it moves

Brittany B

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016
This museum is mostly taxidermy animals. The touch and see room is the only highlight. They have a few aquariums with reptiles that you can ask to touch. The room has a lot of interactive and educational elements. The museum is moving to a new space soon, I'm betting it'll get a much needed modernization then.

Tiffany Kern

Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016
It was extremely dated. I see they are building a new facility set to open in 2018, that will be spectacular I am sure. This one is closing Dec 31, 2016 and there is only 1 room that is interactive (I held a cockroach & snake) otherwise it is all taxidermy that looks to be well over 20 years old. The Mezzanine has photographs but overall I did not like this. It is only $8 to get in a person, but that's $8 I could have used elsewhere.

paige heinen

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
We had to park far away because the University traffic was crazy. Also, it was $23 for myself and 3 kids to get in. But there are lots of beautiful displays and the touch and see room was great. The helpers there are super good with kids, very knowledgeable and ready to answer questions and help kids get interested. The live animals and habitats were engaging.

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