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Bell Museum Of Natural History

10 Church Street South East

As Minnesaota's state natural history museum, our mission is to discover, document and understand nature and promote informed stewardship of our world.

About The Bell Museum:

The James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History was established by state legislative mandate in 1872 to collect, preserve, skillfully prepare, display, and interpret our state's diverse animal and plant life for scholarly research and teaching and for public appreciation, enrichment, and enjoyment. Its governance belongs, by state legislative designation, to the University of Minnesota.

Collecting, researching, and teaching serve to inform exhibits, exhibitions, and public outreach. This unique synergy, perhaps possible only on the campus of a great university, distinguishes the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History as an institution that:

Maintains excellent, comprehensive scientific collections.

Produces timely, cutting edge research.

Teaches new generations of natural history experts, entrepreneurs, and informed citizens.

Exhibits the natural life of our state and region—and beyond—in ways that inspire inquiry, appreciation, and enjoyment.

Educates visitors and participants through customized learning opportunities.

Serves teachers and students throughout the community, state and region through innovative, creative outreach and award-winning, nationally recognized distance learning programs.


Peter Xiong

Friday, July 20, 2018
Very nice looking building and architecture, love the simple floor layout that is easy to navigate, and good science and research in all exhibits and the planetarium. Plenty of activities ranging from visitors interacting with the exhibits to experiencing the tour through the universe at the planetarium. This museum met my expectations for a small natural history museum, didn't have high expectations such as the larger Science Museum of Minnesota, but have enough science for the all ages to enjoy especially to the children. Overall, this museum is good for a trip with family and kids to enjoy the simple facts and science of the natural world. Good starting place for youngsters to experience the science and research at a museum, but on a smaller scale. Would love to come back for another trip with my younger brothers and sisters again to experience the sciences at this museum again.

Lou McCoy

Sunday, July 15, 2018
This place has always been a Minnesota treasure. It has moved to new digs. The new building is just beautiful. Wide open spaces between the exhibits. Let's face it, if you don't see the dioramas and the mammoth (it's kind of a big deal), you missed the best things around. We volunteered at the grand opening. It was fun to see the kids (& big kids) excited about nature. Didn't have a chance to see a show in the planetarium, but I am looking forward to it in the future.

Bryan Scholtes

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
Planetarium review only: great projection technology, very crisp. Seats are awful for a planetarium, I've been to quite a few. Limited recline. The recline pushes back and takes effort to stay reclined; tough for my seven year old. The headrest limits your ability to tilt your head back. No footrest, which is not normally a problem but I needed to push against the floor constantly to stay in a position to view the ceiling.

Nate B

Thursday, July 19, 2018
The new building is absolutely incredible. Beautiful space filled with great dioramas and exhibits. Super family friendly. The touch lab is a unique and awesome experience. Highly recommend, one of the best museums in the Twin Cities.

Ben Koch

Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018
Terrific upgrade to the original! The dioramas are still terrific, but now with so many more interactive pieces. Loads of digital content that wasn't available before. Great for adults and children!

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