Wild Kratts: Creature Power! The Exhibit

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019 from 9:00am to 4:00pm


Wild Kratts: Creature Power! is one of two traveling Wild Kratts exhibits that will reach markets across North America. The exhibit will transport visitors to the Wild Kratts world where their creature adventures can begin! Diverse environments immerse children and families in explorations of animals, habitats and the relationships between them. Using Wild Kratts technology and the powers of science and teamwork, visitors will join the Wild Kratts team to solve problems, help animals, and foil the villains’ nefarious plans.

Visitors will explore four animal habitats including:

Tropical Rainforest
The Antarctic
Australian Outback Desert
Your Neighborhood

Kids and families will get the chance to learn about and try out various Creature Powers such as: 

Sneaking through the forest using the stealth of a jaguar
Swinging through the trees like a spider monkey
Testing their hops against a kangaroo
Hunting for lunch like a platypus
And much more!

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