Lakes Bluegrass Festival

Lakes Bluegrass Festival

Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 at 10:00am


Schedule of Events:

Main Stage:

11:00 AM: Sara Mae and the Birkeland Boys
11:50 AM: The Clay Hess Band
12:40 PM: Nightflyer
1:30 PM: BREAK
1:40 PM: The Baker Family
2:30 PM: The Malpass Brothers
3:20 PM: The Kody Norris Show
4:10 PM: Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers
6:00 PM: The Baker Family
6:50 PM: The Clay Hess Band
7:40 PM: The Kody Norris Show
8:30 PM: The Malpass Brothers
9:20 PM: Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers
10:10 PM: Nightflyer

Workshops (Bingo Building):

10:00 AM:

Description: Banjo
Instructor: Anthony Ihrig
Band: High 48's

11:00 AM:

Description: Guitar
Instructor: Bill Shaffer
Band: Shaffers Lost 40

12:00 PM:

Description: Dobro
Instructor: Jacob Metz
Band: Clay Hess Band

1:00 PM:

Description: Fiddle
Instructor: Eric Christopher
Band: High 48's

2:00 PM:

Description: Mandolin
Instructor: Rick Hayes
Band: Nightflyer

3:00 PM:

Description: Guitar
Instructor: Clay Hess
Band: Clay Hess Band

4:00 PM:

Description: "Behind the Rhinestones" Discussion
Instructor: Kody Norris
Band: Kody Norris Band