Italian Film Festival

The Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis / St. Paul, in partnership with MSP Film Society, is thrilled to bring the 12th Italian Film Festival of Minneapolis / St. Paul (IFF) with eleven films never before seen in Minnesota, including four U.S. premieres.

This year’s all online festival, curated by Artistic Director Tommaso Cammarano, offers an exciting lineup of comedies, dramas and documentaries that will take viewers on a deeply rewarding journey through the landscapes and stories of Italy and its people.

As much as we will miss seeing our audience in person over a glass of “vino”, we are thrilled for the opportunity to reach Minnesotans across the State for the first time. Live Film Discussions during the festival will surely provide that warm sense of community we look forward to every year.

Schedule of Events:

Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Cosa Sarà)
Minnesota Premiere | Director: Francesco Bruni | Fiction | Runtime: 101 min | 2020

Bruno is a middle-aged film director who finds himself at a point of reckoning. His films largely flop, his marriage recently failed, his two children adoring but unable to rely on him. When he discovers he has leukemia, secrets from his father’s past come to light, and lead the family on a journey of revival. Cosa Sarà is a delicate, touching, funny, uplifting film filled with the best brand of Italian sentiment.

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From the Depths (Dal Profondo)
U.S. Premiere | Director: Valentina Pedicini | Documentary | Runtime: 72 min | 2013

Patrizia’s life takes place in the dark, 500 meters below sea level. Her entire universe - past, present and future -is contained in just one word: mine. She is Italy’s only female miner and she is about to lead us into her world. From acclaimed late filmmaker Valentina Pedicini, Dal Profondo, filmed completely underground, is a powerful, unique and daring exploration of life inside Italy’s last coal mine. IFF is proud to celebrate late filmmaker Valentina Pedicini and give Minnesota the opportunity to discover her critically acclaimed work.

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Minnesota Premiere | Director: Valentina Pedicini | Documentary | Runtime: 93 min | 2019

In the remote hills of the Italian region of Marche, a community of martial arts religious fighters named “Warriors of Light” renounces the world and prepares to save humanity. From acclaimed late filmmaker Valentina Pedicini, Faith offers an immersive, visceral, emotional journey in a mysterious world of sacrifice and doctrine, investigating the profound motivations behind a radical choice. IFF is proud to celebrate late filmmaker Valentina Pedicini and give Minnesota the opportunity to discover her critically acclaimed work.

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The Big Step (Il Grande Passo)
Minnesota Premiere | Director: Antonio Padovan | Fiction | Runtime: 96 min | 2019

When he was six years old, Dario Cavalieri watched the live television broadcast of the Moon landing. Ever since then, he has dreamed of going to the Moon. An homage to the wonders of American science-fiction films, Northern Italian landscapes, and the unique poetry of Italian cinema, Il Grande Passo, led by two wonderful actors, Giuseppe Battiston and Stefano Fresi, celebrates dreamers in an unforgettable way. Battiston and Fresi both received the Best Actor award at the Torino Film Festival 2020, where the film premiered.

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U.S. Premiere | Director: Elisa Fuksas | Documentary | Runtime: 80 min | 2020

Rome, 2020. In the midst of the lockdown, against the backdrop of the Italian capital in a state of suspended animation, Elisa Fuksas (protagonist, screenwriter and director) simultaneously faces a recent diagnosis of cancer and forcible separation from friends and family. She decides to capture her days on her phone, to distract herself and to keep herself going. The result is a surprisingly moving ode to life. The film premiered at the 2020 Venice International International Film Festival, Giornate degli Autori. IFF is honored to host its U.S. premiere.

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I Hate Summer (Odio L'Estate)
Minnesota Premiere | Director: Massimo Venier | Fiction | Runtime: 105 min | 2020

Odio l’estate reminds us of the golden rules for the ‘perfect’ vacation: never leave without your rubber dinghy, never leave your beloved family dog behind, and -most importantly - never mistakenly book the same summerhouse together with complete strangers. Things could get ugly. Hilarity might ensue! Italy’s beloved, power house comedic trio of Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo reunites yet again to bewitch us with a tale of love, friendship and feelings for the entire family to enjoy.

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Una Promessa (Spaccapietre)
U.S. Premiere | Director: Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio | Fiction | Runtime: 104 min | 2020

Uncompromising and realistic, Spaccapietre (Una Promessa), a heartbreaking story of fatherly love, denounces societal and human failures in the Southern region of Puglia through the eyes of a young boy, Antò, the only beacon of innocence and hope in an otherwise desperate world of illegally hired and exploited migrant workers. The film premiered at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival, Giornate degli Autori, and directors Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio are considered among the most promising new talents of Italian Cinema. IFF is honored to host its U.S. premiere.

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U.S. Premiere | Director: Doriana Monaco | Documentary | Runtime: 54 min | 2020

Agalma (Greek for “statue” or “image”) beautifully and poetically captures the daily life of one of the most important archaeological museums in the world: the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, a place perpetually torn between the enchantment of the past and the passions of the present. The film premiered at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival, Giornate degli Autori. IFF is honored to host its U.S. premiere. Live Film Discussion with Doriana Monaco, Director of Agalma, Antonella Di Nocera, Producer of Agalma. Tuesday, March 2, 12:00 PM CST.

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The Ties (Lacci)
Minnesota Premiere | Director: Daniele Luchetti | Fiction | Runtime: 100 min | 2020

Naples—early 1980’s. Aldo and Vanda undergo a contentious separation, upon disclosure of psycho-sexual infidelity. The fallout weighs heavily on their two children of a tender age. Conflicted in their allegiances, they are caught in a whirlwind of resentment, and left confused by a series of questionable parenting choices. With the backdrop of two of the most beautiful cities in Italy, a tight screenplay, flawless editing, an outrageously talented cast, and exceptional directing, Lacci is unafraid to reveal the dark side of the Italian family. Lacci was chosen by the 2020 Venice International Film Festival as its opening night film.

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The Passionate Thief (Risate di Gioia)
Minnesota Premiere - 4K Restoration | Director: Mario Monicelli | Fiction | Runtime: 106 min | 1960

Ten years after his death, IFF celebrates Italy’s maestro of commedia all’Italiana: Mario Monicelli. Anna Magnani and Totò, two of the greatest Italian actors of all time, star in this not to be missed comedic gem.

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General Admission: $12.00
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